#1 Extreme rain falls... von tsokasn 19.07.2021 19:24

Hello German brothers,I hope all of you are healthy and safe after the big rain falls...
Stay safe.

#2 RE: Extreme rain falls... von Musseler 20.07.2021 21:26


Hi tsoksn,

as you might have read and seen on TV, meanwhile there are more than 120 dead people alone in my region, Rhineland Palatinate, especially in the Eifel mountains. A flood, nobody had seen and written of since thousands of years. A normal flood at the River Ahr in the past raised up to 3,50m. At this time there were 8,75m within a few hours.

At the River Moselle ( my Nick means "Man from the Moselle" in moselle-frankonian dialect) we are familiar with high water, but this time a lot of Caravans, gas- and oiltanks drfited along. After three days it was over and today cleaning is finished. Nothing to see here.

Begium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were also affected with lots of dead. Bavaria too in the last days.
No one dares to guess, how long it takes to rebuild the infrastructure.

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