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In 1986, my first job was at a company that specialised in printers proofs. And one that I worked on was for a K-Mart Toy Sale catalogue. So some weeks later when the catalogue arrived in my mailbox, I naturally had to keep it.

Included in the toy sale were various Lima train sets. The two pictured include the Santa Fe / Amtrak FP45. One with a pair of Australian Indian Pacific cars - can't see if they were lettered for Railways if Australia though. I know Lima made these in Amtrak colours, but the red and blue stripes are clearly missing in the photo. The other set has an assortment of British and European goods wagons. A British open wagon with S 7354 (New South Wales S truck), a Coca Cola van, Lima van and what is probably a Shell tank wagon. Also seen is the Power Mite controller that appeared in many Australian train sets - and not only Lima ones.

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The freight train is really odd, are the shorties of British/Australian origin both OO scale? The Amtrak passenger train is nice and a rather good deal. Just realized the IP coaches, so a little bit odd as well, might be without any inscriptions.



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I believe that the two shorties are OO scale British origin. After Lima's abortive entry into British HO scale, they seemed to get some use out of the HO tooling by Australianising some of the range. With louvre van sides on the British short wheelbase van, and the wooden open wagon numbered for an S wagon. Back when I started my hobby shop in the late 1980s, there seemed to be plenty of British HO train sets and stock on the secondhand market here. I suspect that Lima were able to offload some unsold stock onto the Australian market where many non-enthusiasts would not have known any better.

It's okay that you missed the non-Amtrak coaches in that set Martin - because I somehow missed that the FP45 was in Amtrak livery. I was too busy squinting at the Santa Fe one at the back and just thought they'd put the same in both sets.
I've now edited my post.

But yes, that freight set is still a strange mix. But fairly typical of Lima sets in Australia through the 80s and 90s. Most of the target market simply would not have known or cared. It was a train. Good enough. There was still a very limited amount of Australian prototype available at that time. And most of what was available ready to run was made by Lima anyway. By the time you ignore the many repainted "foreign" prototypes in the Lima Australian range, there wasn't really much available.

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