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My name is Milivoj (56). I live in Belgrade, employed as an infrastructure civil engineer (roads, railways and airports). I'm collecting european era III-IV model railways. My favourite brand is FLEISCHMANN. However, i have a lot of LIMA models with some common and very known problems. See you later!

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Dear Milvoj,

welcome to our forum! If you collect Fleischmann, Lima is just a small step away. Lima copied a lot of Fleischmann models, which adds nicely to your collection. I used to be a Fleischmann collector before (and started my railway modelling career with Fleischmann in 1972).

Have a great time here,


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Hi Martin and thank you for your welcome. You made a good point comparing LIMA and FLEISCHMANN. However, my goal is not to find FLM in LIMA, but on the contrary to add to my collection a several beautiful LIMA models missing in the FLM range (i.e. vista dome cars, cinema cars, many goods wagons etc.). To be honest, my first "foreign" models beside then MEHANOTEHNIKA IZOLA (ex. YU) were LIMA. Namely, mid 70's, my mother as a vet was at an agricultural fair in Verona and she purchased for me some LIMA products. It was for me a miracle, in particular a RHEINGOLD vista dome car with interior fittings. BTW, please give me away how can I set the avatar picture?

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Hi again,

let me start with the Avatar. This forum is on a German platform, so the basic language is German. You can switch the forum language to english, do this first. Click on your name on the top right, and a small window will open. The third link in this window "Einstellungen" (=settings). Click this link and another page opens. Then click on "Forum Einstellungen" and ag ain another page will open. Here you can change the settings. "Bevorzugte Sprache" lets you choose your preferred language. The you have to save the settings (Einstellungen speichern). Language should be English now.

Click your name again and take the first link "change profile". There you will find your upload link for an avatar. Check the required size of the avatar picture, as there are some limitations.

I like your "Lima Story". Mehanotehnika was like a book of secrets to me. I wanted to have a catalogue, but couldn't get one when I was young. I remember seeing some models in shops in former Yugoslavia when I was a youngster, all were US prototype. Only 15 years ago I managed to find a GP18 in JZ colours on eBay in Germany. And now, I'm still trying to find our more about the Mehanotehnika coaches, which look like Lima clones.

Have a nice weekend,


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