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Hi, got some pictures of some of my LIMA

first, one of the oldest models that survived my childhood (and still goes), the FS E424

Some FS E646/645 of different generation (but all G motors), with the new hornby trolleys replacing the orignials. A big change in appearance in 15 minutes...

Some views of my layout, sorry but the steamers parade is made of Rivarossi, and one Hornby UK OO scale locomotive repainted for Italy.

Have a good day

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Great pictures! Hope you will tell us more about your layout and expecially the builings you're using. I'm very interrested in this, as I'm modelling "Italian style", too.


Thanks again!


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I will post more pictures,
the layout is staged in the central region of Abruzzo, the main station is in Pescasseroli, a real town in the national park, this is a fictive line crossing the Appennines and linked to a small private railway (Ferrovia Sangritana) that continues down to the Adriatic Sea.
This allowed me to Proto freelance the FS line, and also freelance the Sangritana as if it is still continuing service on this line.
The single track mainline to Pescasseroli is (will be) electrified allowing something more than regional trans to serve the town which is a kind of famous tourist location. The rest of the line is diesel and can be worked on as FS or freelanced Sangritana (Called: Ferrovie Regionali dell'Appennino). With this I can put more or less any train I like on the rails, mostly US and German equipment.
This is an example of a very cheap model found second hand in the US (this was conveniently in NdeM colors, and pulls like an ox) repainted in the colours and given a "stack fire" weathering.

The buildings you see are all resin kits bought from various small scale producers in the years, the water tower is self built as it is the shed at the left of the station (the electric tower being repainted is an adaptation of a Faller kit). The station is also a resin kit that was extended in length using the long sides joined together, the green cabin is a separate piece as it is the "pensilina".
The loco shed, the freight shed and the station have also interior details.

I see you also got nice buildings on your side.
Will post more in the next future.

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Quite heavy motive power for a short line! This is an ALCO Century C628 from Bowser or Mehano (I tend to Bowser, actually).

The buildings on my layout are all from Italian "back yard manufacturers", Struttura Ferroviaria, Ma.Co.Mo., and CR Ninive, made of Resin and laser cut wood. I like them a lot, they have that distinctive Italian look, along with mediterranean trees from Heki. I used track from Fleischmann and the catenary system is Lima with Hobbex wires. Tried to lay the catenary in a rather exact way, so I can run my trains "pantograph-up".



#5 RE: minesweeper's layout von minesweeper 14.02.2020 06:17

Yes, it is a 628 from Stewart (think now is bowser). Forgot to say that the line is supposed to have long grades up to 3%, so i found out a trio of big power to pull a 500 tons train without double traction (if i had to use FS power i had to get 2 loco up front and one pusher).
So the “oldest” is this 628, more recently the Rivarossi V320 (it came to italy for real though) and after 2000 the Ludmilla.
Bottom line, i liked to have some big power on my layout that is not the six axle FS electrics, so i took advantage of the freelance.
I do not remember exactly the manufacturers but they are the same back yard you have cited.
Also i saw MKD and Artitec have good products that can be used directly or quickly adapted.
In any case i found out i like to self build....
Will check the hobbex wires, i plan to use the sommerfeldt poles for the catenary.
I have the additional challenge to lay the wires across modules.... still do not know how.

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My layout consists of two modules. Each is exactly the size of my car's boot, I transport the modules double stacked on eachother. As for the catenary, Lima and Hobbex are using the same support system for wires, so you can easily adapt Hobbex wires for Lima poles. Sommerfeldt poles are a bit different, maybe you have to bend little hooks on their arms in order to attach the wires properly. On my layout the wires are not soldered, just "hung". So I can easily remove certain wires for disassembling the layout sections. Hobbex wire is rather sturdy and hard, so no problem with removing wires. Also note that Hobbex is out of business, supply will shrink in the near future.

I will prepare a thread for the near future about installing a catenary system on my layout.


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Little details finished today.
The building site is almost complete

the fence is the next step, should be trimmed.
But the cement mixer was finally done, completely scratchbuilt from scrap pieces and with some textured rust and concrete paint to give the grainy feeling....

and under wraps (the site is in "pause" due to the temperatures below zero).

in the meantime the (dummy) ALn663 takes time to refuel on the other module....

I am really waiting for the wires topic....

#8 RE: minesweeper's layout von martin67 18.02.2020 08:59


Wow, the mixer looks awesome, a totally different type of machine as we know it here in Germany. I especially like the wrapping.

Wire thread will come....


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Martin, this one is a bigger version, used when you have to crush sand/pebbles to a definite dimension and then add cement.
Since the layout can be dated as far back as the late sixties, I had to use this model; with the pre mixed stuff entering the market, or if you have already sand of the needed diameter, the normal one will suffice.

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Progress done this weekend
Platform between tracks 3 and 4 placed, together with the lower portion of the underground passage.
Also put some "white stone" (travertine in Italian) benches and drinking water fountain to give some texture.

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Not really to show some new LIMA locos, but I had been wiring and almost finished the secondo module, however I had to redesign the whole concept and ended up with a major redesign for module 3 which is the last station module on the south side.
Originally this was to be a corner module, but now it will be a linear one.
So I am evaluating some options on how to get scenery where previously it was to be a corner shaped tunnel.
The mainline (1st from top) will go out on the left through the backdrop with a view block that will not be a tunnel. The pine trees are an idea of the view block.

I have tried some options, in the three sketches below, but still i am undecided on what course to pursue
Bear in mind that the areas A (beyond the mainline) and B (foreground left) are completely independent therefore I can mix the options from the different sketches.
All sketches so far have a car loading ramp to track number 5 (the first from bottom).

Apolgize for my inferior drawing capabilities.

A start of mainline, a small raised area with bushes and small trees.
B a building (like the town continues beyond towards the left) and a road that terminates before the tracks. (It may hint to a dismissed level crossing then in Area A there will be the continuation of the road).

Sketch 2
A the platform fuses into a road, with backdrop houses.
B bushes, trees and gravel

Sketch 3
B Bus stop apron with walkway to platforms.

Any hint, new idea, suggestion or comment is very well welcome, below images that inspired the options.

The row of houses (2 A)

The house on the side (in the picture is on the right, will be on the left of the road) (1 B)

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I absolutely like such freelanced model railroads cause it offer the possibility to use the personal preferred locomotives. I also use mulltiple traction based on very heavy grades up to five locomotives (european, american, russian and chinese types) but all with metal Kadee couplers.
Your layout looks awesome and shows the typical lovely italian flair that i absolutely like !

#13 RE: minesweeper's layout von minesweeper 20.08.2020 14:37

Thank you very much, yes, the freelance idea was to get something nice, unusual and .... cheap second hand.
I did some design changes as the station modules will not fit the back of the garage; the station now will be on one side and the left side of the station will be aligned with the next modules, so there is no need for the backdrop between modules.

The idea I have now is to get a platform to road transition in the back followed by woodland and bushes on the other module, and up front a space to get cars and trucks for loading and unloading on the ramp, or a bus stop if there will be enough space to turn.


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