#1 Hema Start Set with NS Diesel Switcher von martin67 08.02.2020 14:29


Hi everybody,

just yesterday I received a nice HEMA Stater Pack with a one of a kind Diesel Switcher. This version was only made for the HEMA department stores in the Netherlands. Release date was around 1982. Insriptions on the set are in Dutch language, although neither the name HEMA nor LIMA shows up on the package. Here are some pictures.

In its 38 years of existance the track and battery controller got lost, maybe somebody used it for a layout. Will have to check if I can find some track in order to complete the set.

The loco looks quite handsome in its yellow and grey colours. Also included is a Pepsi refrigerator wagon with single piece body.

HEMA used to sell Lima Trains in their own packaging until approximately 1983.


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