#1 Lima Showroom Train Set von martin67 22.11.2019 07:07


One of the most remarkable Lima catalogues is the 1979 North American Edition. It contains many models, which are unique and have only been produced for a very short period of time. You don't know the catalogue? Click here:


A while ago I came across a strange package. Have a look at page 5 of the PDF. This is set no. 1 (item 109752), consisting of a small NYC Alco Steamer, a Southern flat car with cars, a Union Pacific gondola and a NYC Caboose as well as a 120V input transformer with US plug. My showroom set has no outer carton, but is packed in plastic shrink foil. It's marked "Starter Set 1". The unusual track box is remarkable as well. The track is made of brass and presumably not made by Lima. I opened the foil a little bit just to check and see the transformer. It's not made by Lima, too.

Here it is:

Set markings:

The American transformer

This particular set can be traced back to the final clean up at Lima after they closed their facilities. Apparently it was not intended for sale, but used in the showroom and on exhibitions to promote Lima's line of train packs.



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