#1 Change Language and Time Zone von martin67 20.11.2019 13:46


Since we have a good amount of international members here, please note that you can change the basic language of this forum and switch to your time zone.

Here's how it works:

1. Log in
2. Place the mouse on your name on the top of this page, right hand side
3. A small window will open, click on the 3rd link "Einstellungen"
4. A new page will open
5. Click on "Forum Einstellungen"
6. "Bevorzugte Sprache": change from "Deutsch" to "English" (only German or English is available, sorry, no Italian)
7. Click on "Einstellungen speichern"

Right below the language is the time zone, which you can change to your own local time zone. Standard setting is CET (MEZ) / Central Europe.

Any questions? Just ask!


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