#1 BR Mark IIB Coaches Intercity blue-grey von martin67 11.09.2019 21:52


1977 lima switched the entire British line of models to OO-scale (1/76). The previous H0-models were dropped. This must have been a rather quick and sudden decision, the Deltic diesel loco was changed during construction. When it came to the shops, it was a 1/76 body on 1/87 bogies. The 1977 catalogue still showed many of the former H0 models, although with a 5xxx item number, wich was from then on used for the 1/76 models. Most OO-scale models from Lima had Hornby-type couplings.


The lovely Intercity Mark IIB coaches came back in OO scale as well (although approx. 10mm too short), matching the new deltic and Class 33, which was reconstructed, too.

5301 Mark IIB 1st class

5302 Mark IIB 2nd class

5303 Mark IIB 1st/brake

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