#1 British H0 - Mark IIB Coaches Intercity blue-grey von martin67 11.09.2019 21:28


The catalogue of 1970 showed renderings of a British Class 33 and a Mark IIB coach in blue-grey. In 1971 and 1972 these models were not pictured in the Lima catalogue, but in 1973 they were back again. Lima then made a Class 33 and three different Mark IIB coaches in H0 scale 1/87, ignoring the tradition of OO scale (1/76) in the UK. These models looked small to their British counterparts, and they had continental hook and loop coupling.


9135 1st class

9136 2nd class

9137 1st/2nd brake

To my knowledge the first series of the 9137 was a 1st/brake only, it's hard to find.

1976 marks the last year these models were produced. The entire British outline was switched to 1/76 scale in 1977 and the range of H0 models was dropped. Remaining stock was sold in starter sets.


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