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I run many Lima locos, BR and European. I recently purchased a Class 20, It's the first time I've found a lima loco without the 'G' motor.
Because of the narrow hood on a Class 20 there wouldn't have been room for the traditional G motor.

It has a much more modern arrangement and runs very quietly. Did lima make any other locos with this arrangement??


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Lima gradually upgraded her rolling stock.
In the locomotive department,3 pole can motors replaced the G motors( I think 5 pole later),the chassis were die cast for added traction,and the transmission were made with cardan shafts (just like roco style)
Furthermore,added details were available in the box.
The only problem in these locos are the traction wheel gears/cogs as they tend to split over the time (especially the early,first versions) and this make the loco run jerky.Better to avoid running such loco and replace the cogs.

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the Lima Class 20 is one of two British models with cardanic drive. The other one is the EWS class 67. All other Brits in the range use the common G-motor (pancake motor). The cardanic drive was first introduced in the mid 80's with the Swiss Re 4/4 II models, the German class 120 electric and the South African Class 34 diesels. The ZA locos were the first to use a "double cardan" with both bogies powered.

Later on, with the introduction of "Lima Nova" this type of power transmission became standard on most of the then new locos. As Nick already stated, the early models suffered from cracked gears. There are some after market suppliers for spare parts around (i.e. APC Adams https://www.apc-miniaturmodell.de/ in Germany).



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Thanks for that. The vast majority of stuff they made for the British market was 3 pole and G motor, that's what makes the class 20 stand out.
They were competing with Hornby at time and Lima sets were always priced cheaper, hornby at the time were using a similar ringfield motor which was a copy of the fleishmann one.
I have some lima stuff with can motors but it's European, not British outline.

One the gears was broken and I had to replace it, but it's a great runner now. Love my Limas.

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Thanks very much for the info. I will look out for some of those locos now.

I have a recent Italian bo-bo from Lima which has a die-cast chassis and all wheel drive and pick up. It's fantastic.

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The Lima-Nova range featured some really brilliant models. Although, there were plenty of add on parts, which kept modellers busy for hours. If you intend to buy used ones, you have to be careful. Sometimes these detail parts got lost, or the previous owner left stains of glue on the bodies. The best would be to find unused boxed models, which still have their little bag of parts with them.

Especially the Italian trains have been reissued by Hornby/Rivarossi, with all details already fitted. The prices are usually not much higher than prices for older Lima-Nova second hand stuff. This is a good alternative for those, who need trains to run on a layout. Sure, the die-hard Lima collector needs the real thing, made in Italy.


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Thanks Martin, yes for me the loco has to be made in Italy - not China. I'll post a video soon of my lima layout

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