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Hi from Francesco (Italy); I can write English, a bit of German and Italian, of course.
Like many people, I started in the 80's with the first train, received as a gift from my parents: an italian E424 with a couple of passenger coaches (slate gray livery, popular in the 70's) and a sleeping coach TEN in red livery. Now I'm buliding with my sons the second layout, and I'm also collecting around one hundred pieces of rolling stock (mainly, but not only, Italian and German railways, from 70's to around 2000...).

See you soon in this forum, viel spass mit Lima Modellzuege!

#2 RE: Hallo from a new member von tsokasn 23.04.2019 14:28

Wellcome neighboor!
Nick from Greece here!
Forza Italia!
Forza Lima!
Forza Vespa!

#3 RE: Hallo from a new member von martin67 23.04.2019 21:01


Hi Francesco,

Benvenuto! Thanks for joining this forum, glad to have you here!
Enjoy your time and please, show us parts of your cellection!



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