#1 Friction tyres von tsokasn 29.09.2018 21:39

I hope that I chose the correct area for this question...
I guess that everyone must have deal a cut or worn loco friction tyre.
What would your replacement choice be?
I am about to buy a set for a G motor Donald Duck,which I made DCC and added a fifth wagon.
I was looking at Roco's tyres.
Any suggestions?

#2 RE: Friction tyres von martin67 30.09.2018 12:45



many people are using Märklin tyres, they're said to be the best substitute. Never tried by myself, though. I actually have some models with worn or torn tyres, so maybe I'll try, too (someday).


#3 RE: Friction tyres von tsokasn 30.09.2018 14:50

Never thought of that...
I searched for Roco,Piko and Fleisch but never thought about Marklin or Trix...
Will search about it now!
I will let you know!

#4 RE: Friction tyres von Musseler 02.10.2018 17:11


I'm using Maerklin tyres, too. Try diffrrent sizes. In most case the tyres are too narrow, so make them sure fitting close to one side of the wheel gap. Bullfrog Snot could be an alternative.

#5 RE: Friction tyres von tsokasn 03.10.2018 06:55

OK,here is what I found.
ETR 403,G motor version.
Traction wheel groove diameter is 10.8 mm.
A Marklin code for this dimension is 7151 with a free diameter of 9mm.
A Roco code for this dimension is 85601 for wheel diameters 8-10 mm and 0.5 mm thichness (this is based from a 93-94 catalogue I have)
Now, I don't know the width of both of them.

Funny thing is that I found a spare G motor with super traction gearing and it's tyres on laying around and I thought if it has the same base bogie dimensions to replace it.This is a starter set 403 and I don't know if it has an original super traction gearing(propably it has...)
Anyway,I will try those tyres and if they can't handle the traction,I will buy Marklin or Roco.

#6 RE: Friction tyres von tsokasn 12.10.2018 17:23

A quick update.
Roco's 86501 are not enough for the task.
Purchase a bag of them but they are small and narrow for a 10.8 wheel diameter...

#7 RE: Friction tyres von Petz 17.08.2020 08:41

I also use only Maerklin tyres for replacements since decades cause in my opinion they offer long living and better traction values than other ones.

#8 RE: Friction tyres von minesweeper 17.08.2020 14:37

I would also give a try to bullfrog snot, I used it a few times and runs great.

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