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Looks like the tooling for this originated in Italy. Any Ideas? the open wagon and tanker wagon are Lima tooling. The chassis for the engine looks like it's from the Crick series.|addpics|li0-1-09ab.jpg|/addpics|

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sorry, had to move this to the copy section. This is a very interresting set and sheds some light on the open wagon and the tanker. I have both of them in my collection and I believed until now that these were made by Playart from Hongkong. Seems they were not .

The tooling is definately not original Lima. The yellow open wagon is a pretty good copy of the Lima wagon, the tanker rides on the same frame, therefore it is a little bit longer that the Lima model. Apparently, there was a Union Pacific box car from the same manufacturer. based on the Lima UIC van. One difference to the original Lima models are the much shorter buffers of these copies.

Two different tankers "Mobiloil"

NCB open wagon (instead of "CCB" on the one in the set)

Union Pacific box car

The couplings on the blue tanker should be the original ones, while all others are changed to Lima or Hornby types.

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#3 RE: Lima Crick Series von roxyguy 27.06.2018 16:42

In the Uk, there was 2 versions of the open wagon|addpics|li0-2-81ce.jpg,li0-3-9bb7.jpg|/addpics|

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