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Hi all,

this is the inaugural 1981 version of the 208131LG ÖBB 2043.57 diesel loco in red with silver roof. The colour scheme was changed in the same year, see below in this thread.

For this model a wrong shade of red was chosen. When the ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways decided to paint their motive power red instead of green, one 1042 electric was painted carmine (this model was later made by Lima, too). Although, the ÖBB finally used RAL 2002 blood orange instead of the darker RAL 3002 camine for their fleet.


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There were two more versions with the same catalogue number 208131LG

ÖBB 2043.57, 1981 - 1988: more prototypical shade of orange, cream colored roof

ÖBB 2043 077-3, 1988 - 1990, orange/cream


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From 1983 until 1986 Lima produced a green 2043.15 (208145LG)


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