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#76 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von martin67 18.02.2020 13:03


Hi all,

thinking about getting started. What do you think, which side of the layout would you prefer to attach my module? Station side or the other end after Eric's curves? Wich end pieces do I need?

Would like to add a rather simple straight section just to get used to this kind of modelling.


#77 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Musseler 20.02.2020 12:08


Hi Martin,

try this:

Better call him, he will make you offers for different module kits.

Happy moduling!

#78 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von martin67 20.02.2020 13:00


Yes, have to call him. But firs of all, I think I have to know where my module will be placed in the setting. If it's on the left (seen from the operator's side), I'll have to get a flat surface on the right to connect to the station area. If my module joins the jokers on the far right, I'll need the 20025 on maybe both sides.



#79 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Musseler 21.02.2020 13:35


Hi and happy carnival,

I think, you should bulid a quite normal straight module with noth/south orientation. It can be fittet left or right to Christoph´s station or between my to curvejokers. So there is the most flexibility. Christoph´s Station is oriented noth/south, too. If you need foundations for the catenary, I will send you some.
To bulid a straight joker, is an alternative, but a bit tricky. It has to be a bit longer in order to build smooth curves.
For more details look here:

EDIT: Christoph´s opinion is adding your module on the right of his station. So you can build a normal straigt one with hill in the north and dale in the south of the module. You will need the module heads at both short sides, east and west, i.g. shown on side 5 of the brochure from MEC Stetten.
Happy working!

#80 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Tartaruga 24.02.2020 21:53


Hello Martin & Eric

I think it would be nice for the layout if Martin would place his module on the left side of the station modules seen from the operator side.
I made a small sketch by hand how it could look like.

I have planned to hint at a village on the station side. On the front side there will be an overgrown green with a new goods shed not from Lima.
We can also consider to create a road connection over the modules.

What is your opinion?


#81 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Musseler 26.02.2020 13:43


Hi all,

I agree:

If needed, we are able to react on unforeseen.

#82 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von martin67 26.02.2020 16:04


If I remember well, Christoph's suggestion on the right side requires one flat end towards the station and one contoured side. For "inner west" and "midwest" I'd need two contoured sides, while "far west" requires at lest the right side with a countour (if not both). Understood?

If I build left flat/right contoured, only "far west" and "far east" would be possible, right?

Will start definite planning and ordering material after the Tram Museum Show (March 7th/8th).



#83 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Musseler 26.02.2020 17:46


Hi Martin,

two contured flat ends are needed:

#84 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Tartaruga 20.04.2020 00:20



Today I managed to finish my little side project for the modules. A typical italian phone cabin from the 70s.
The whole construction redrawn in the right scale and cut out by hand. A cutting plotter would have made it easier, but that would have been only
half the challenge. The other big challenge was the gluing together. Here I am by chance on serviette technique glue/lacquer pushed. From my point
of view a very well suited for paper and cardboard models.

Oggi sono riuscito a portare a termine il mio piccolo progetto secondario per i moduli. Una tipica cabina telefonica italiana degli anni '70.
L'intera costruzione è stata ridisegnata nella scala giusta e ritagliata a mano. Un plotter da taglio avrebbe certamente reso il tutto più facile, ma questa
sarebbe stata solo la metà della sfida. L'altra grande sfida è stata l'incollaggio. Qui mi sono imbattuto per caso nella tecnologia dei tovaglioli a colla/lacca.
Dal mio punto di vista si adatta molto bene ai modelli di carta e cartone.

Heute habe ich es geschafft mein kleines Nebenprojekt für die Module abzuschliessen. Eine typisch italienische Telefonkabine aus den 70er Jahren.
Die ganze Konstruktion neu gezeichnet im passenden Massstab und von Hand ausgschnitten. Ein Schneideplotter hätte das ganze sicher erleichtert,
aber das wäre nur die halbe Herausforderung gewesen. Die weitere grosse Herausforderung war das Zusammenkleben. Hier bin ich per Zufall auf
Serviettentechnik Kleber/Lack gestossen. Aus meiner Sicht sehr gut geeignet für Papier und Kartonmodelle.

On the picture is my attempt to check the possibility.
Auf dem Bild befindet sich mein Versuch um die Machbarkeit zu prüfen.

In my attempt, I first wanted to fold the phone cabin, which I quickly discarded, because I did not get the edges of the phone cabin fine enough
and it is difficult to glue the glass.
Bei meinem Versuch wollte ich zuerst die Telefonkabine falten, was ich aber dann schnell verworfen habe, da ich die Kanten der Telefonkabine so
nicht fein genug hinbekommen habe und es schwierig ist die Verglasung zu verkleben.

I finally decided to cut out individual side panels and glue them together using serviette technique glue/lacquer.
Ich habe mich schlussendlich dazu entschieden einzelne Seitenwände auszuschneiden und mittels Serviettentechnik Kleber/Lack zu verkleben.

Italian payphone is printed on paper and backed with a piece of cardboard to make it look more plastic.
Das italienische Münztelefon ist auf Papier gedruckt und mit einem Stück Karton hinterlegt um es plastischer wirken zu lassen.

Here's my result:
Ecco il mio risultato:
Hier mein Resultat:


#85 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von minesweeper 23.04.2020 21:08

Simply astonishing

#86 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von tsokasn 24.04.2020 07:33

Excellent result!!!
The background is fantastic!!!

#87 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von martin67 26.08.2020 14:39


Oh, I'm late.... After a broken water tube in the basement and a flooded cellar, I had to move everything from the basement to our living area, which was an awful lot of stuff. They installed huge heating fans and kept them running for a couple of weeks to get all the walls and floors dry. Then we went to Croatia for two weeks of holidays (a good desicion, as we just cought the time window without restrictions amidst corona). Now, back home again, most of the stuff is back in the basement and stored and I have space again!

I just sent off my first mail to order the module. Hope I can get it into "running condition" untlil early November, even if it's still unclear if our Kaltenberg Exhibition will be possible this autumn. Corona numbers are rising at the moment, further restrictions for big events are possible, yet there is "social distancing" and face masks mandatory. Let's see...


#88 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Tartaruga 26.08.2020 23:31


Hello Martin

There is always something in between in life that doesn't have to be.

It's nice to hear that you are also starting work on another module. I think for a long time you are waiting
for an answer to the green material I use for my modules.

Primary I use the "Static Grass" from Woodland Scenics for the basic greenery.

For the colors I use the following three shades:
Light Green, lengths 2mm,4mm,7mm P/N: FS615,FS619,FS623
Medium Green, lengths 2mm,4mm,7mm P/N: FS614,FS618,FS622
Straw, lengths 2mm,4mm,7mm P/N: FS616,FS620,FS624

I usually mix these three colors in proportion 4-4-2 (Light Green, Medium Green, Straw). For borders only
Light Green with a little Straw is used.

Foliage, Turf etc. I also keep in similar colors. Foliage primarily darker for a nice contrast.

Very consciously I try to keep everything on the modules in matt colors. All in all this gives a very nice picture for
the viewer and I personally like it very much.


#89 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von Tartaruga 26.08.2020 23:50


Hello everyone

For a long time I haven't published a contribution to my modules. This is not because I lost interest,
but simply because my family comes first and I have been working a lot during the week for months.

In between I also did something. For me now it's primarily the buildings, where I attach great importance
to small details and take the time. I'm sure some of you have already noticed that at my public phone cabin.
Since a long time I am building a typical FS freight shed where I use the kit from MBK Modelle as a basis.
It is very well made, but there is more to it than that.

For the roof I made a complete new wooden structure out of fine wood profiles. The doors are slightly modified
and installed so that they can be opened. At the moment I am in the process of making the rainwater gutters.
A detail that is missing on almost all Lasercut kits. There would be prefabricated plastic, metal or could Evergreen
profiles use etc. Somehow I do not like everything. One day I read a report about the construction of rainwater
gutters made of paper. An approach, not easy until you just try it. Now I have to say a fine job, not as complex
as it sounds and absolutely worth it.

While the glue is drying, it can quickly happen that I draw something small.

On the pictures nice enlarged, but it is only a width of 1.5mm. More may not be, since I build after Italian models.

Many pictures of the Italian train station Alassio serve me as a model in the details. My second home.
Alassio TrainStation
Further also a future project that I want to build in the state of the 1960s. The whole station with the surrounding area.
It is one of the few stations on the Ligurian coast that is largely preserved in its original state and was built at the end of
the nineteenth century.


#90 RE: Suggestion: Let´s build a Forum Layout.... von minesweeper 28.08.2020 11:31

how do you paste the gutters to the roof?
These look beautiful, but I had the same issue with different attempts, the ones that look good do not easily attach to the roof....

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