#1 Lima Giant O battery set von B 67 07.10.2017 07:57


Lima Giant O battery train set.

#2 RE: Lima Giant O battery set von martin67 10.10.2017 08:36


I used to have this train, too. Although, I never had the set box. Had to sell it later due to lack of space and decided not to continue with O gauge. Thanks anyway for all your contributions, especially for filling up the big scale section!



#3 RE: Lima Giant O battery set von B 67 11.10.2017 03:29


I sold mine too. In fact these photos were taken for the eBay listing. I had thought of converting it to 2-rail 12 volt operation because mechanically, it ran much nicer than the standard electric model.

The other O gauge photos I've added were taken this week though. The models have been packed away a long time as I have no permanent space for my O layout.

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