#1 Rivarossi FS Italia E428 von martin67 07.06.2016 19:43


Valditaro has a new horse in its stable, a Rivarossi E428 066 (Catalogue no. 1460). It's a rather late model of the 1/80 era with red pantographs and printed on number plates. Although, it is closer to a battle ship or a dinosaur than a locomotive, which makes it, nevertheless, rather impressive.


#2 RE: Rivarossi FS Italia E428 von Tartaruga 08.06.2016 12:02


Hello Martin

A beautiful locomotive! i love this italian battelships. (e428, e326, e626)
I am always in search of the first series of Rivarossi in a good condition.


#3 RE: Rivarossi FS Italia E428 von minesweeper 29.12.2020 01:44

Hi Martin,
glad to see you like these also.
I hated these when I was a kid but come to love them as I aged.

Here one OLD (60s or 70s) Rivarossi model that I got from a friend of mine who started upgrading it with a number of brass custom made parts (eg
the "high speed" carrying trucks (these are different from yours), and some part of the frame) in the 70s, but then decided to give up, and gave it to me in 2009 to complete. What you see in the picture is an intermediate state of work...​
I had replaced the pantographs, and other parts like the driving wheels with original Rivarossi parts (albeit from a later production) to better reflect the prototype.
Later I put the windows, the photo etched parts, the inscriptions ….. but messed up with DCC conversion. I am waiting to go back to Italy to have it fixed by someone better than me at soldering and wiring.

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