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AHM was a importer of hobby related products from the end of the 1950's until the late 1980's. For a long time AHM was importing Rivarossi trains from Italy and selling then under their owm brand name. Therefore, at least older AHM products are regarded to be high quality. In the early 70's Roco and Liliput from Austria supplied many of their freight car range. At this time Roco was not yet active in Europe. In later years much of AHM's range consisted of Yugoslavian made Mehanotehnika products (who also produced for Rivarossi) and models from the upcoming Chinese toy industry (Kader, PlayArt...).

Lima Models played a certain role at AHM. 1973 showed the first Lima models in the AHM catalogues, shortly after Lima started to extend itself into a global player with a very international choice of trains, also American models. Lima was the first manufacturer of budget priced models at AHM and was not marketed exclusively. PMI and Charmerz were two other importers, as well as a couple of smaller companies who mainly sold N-scale. Three American Lima locos were not sold though AHM, the 2-8-2 french style Mikado, the 0-2-0 Alco 1930 with tender and the MDT Diesel switcher. After a short time, Lima was replaced by Mehanotehnika and subsequently reentered the American market under their own name.

For a detailed view of AHM with their interresting history please click on the following link:


My good friend Giorgio from Rivarossi Memory shows same from a different point of view in Italian language:



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