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This is a rather interresting model. Hard to tell if it's a freight wagon or a part of the passenger stock. I would rather call it a freight wagon, even if it was mainly used on passenger trains. The Siphon G was a milk carrier. It was used to carry unprocessed milk from the farms to the milk factories. The fastest way to do this was on passenger trains rather than by truck. The van rode on passenger bogies and was built up on a passenger coach chassis. What's "Siphon G"? The Great Western ha a code system for wagons, Wikipedia has a list. Siphon was the code for "Milk Van":


Lima started to make this van quite early in its OO-scale history, from 1978 you could find it in the shops. Five versions were made.

30 5351 GWR brown No. 2792

30 5352 GWR "Palethorpes" No. 2766 (maybe the most attractive version)

30 5353 BR blue (converted parcels van) No. 2982

1979: BR blue "ENPARTS" No. ADW150426 (to be used to carry spare parts for BR)

In 1981 Lima brought another one, the red BR milk carrier No. W2938W, Catalogue No. 30 5350. (Picture appreciated!)

More about the Siphon milk carriers? Here we go:


As you can see by the prototype pictures, Lima made a rather accurate model, which was very welcome on British layouts.


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Hallo zusammen,
auch bei mir ist nun solch ein "Exot" gelandet.

Erst zu Hause konnte ich mit Hilfe von Martins Beitrag erst einmal feststellen was ich da eigentlich gekauft hatte.

Gruß Gerd aus Dresden

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Hallo zusammen!
This is a very interesting subject, I'm not surprised to find it, despite "Siphon G" is not the most famous or most detailed model of the large 00 Scale production, it is still very popular amongst UK modellers and in UK layouts; probably also because it has not been replaced by a new model from others brand, with actual level of details.
In some UK magazines is still possible to find articles to update this model with right bogies or additional parts.
Personally I've been interested and hit by this model since I saw it for the first time in "The Lima collection" catalogue of 1983; finally few weeks ago I bought two of that from "Hatton's" shop in Liverpool, second hand of course, but seems new, they're
305350W in BR early red livery (era 4/5) and
305353W in BR blue livery (era 6/7)
hope to charge pictures soon when I'll be able to do it.
Even if they show they age, they run well matched (non NEM couplings apart...) in my Parcel Van train with Bachmann and Hornby coaches.
Herzliche Grüssen!
Andrea Canale

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