#1 Lima Holland Models von Harald Jung South-Africa 26.10.2015 14:33


Who knows this set? The models are definitely from Lima, but they are not handmade, no decals, everything professionally factory painted and printed on. Bought this set from a Dutch guy, but he also did not know who manufactured it.
As I am struggling again to load the photo, I put it into the gallery!
Regards, Harald Jung

#2 RE: Lima Holland Models von Musseler 27.10.2015 21:05


Hello Harald,

try www.picr.de, leave all default settings, upload picture, copy code and paste it here. Nothing else to do.


#3 RE: Lima Holland Models von Harald Jung South-Africa 10.12.2015 07:20


There were no comments regarding my Dutch set based on Lima models. Would it be possible that this set was manufactured by Hema for the Netherlands?
As already mentioned, it is professionally painted and printed, definitely not handmade!
Regards from Pretoria,

#4 RE: Lima Holland Models von martin67 11.12.2015 12:58



the pictures are to small to see details. I presume you're talking about the two coaches in blue colours, right?

HEMA itself was no Producer at all, but a chain store who imported model railways from lima and sold them in their own cartons under the Lucky Life or later HEMA brand. Just a few models state "Lucky Life" on the bottom, but even this is not the maker but the HEMA brand, which was produced by Lima.

As far as I can see the models are rather modern IC coaches. The relationship LIMA/HEMA ended a few years before These coaches appeared in the Lima range. As I'm not from the Netherlands, I don't know if HEMA chain stores continued to sell Lima as Lima. In the 90's Lima started to produce small series of models for certain markets, especially GB. Production numbers of less than 500pcs are quite common. The NL/BE markets are full of models of unclear Background, either small series produced in the Lima plant or after-market alterations (repaints) done by dealers or collectors.

In case of Lima production there should be an item number on the box, Special productions usually carry the catalogue number -1 (or S-1 etc.).

Have a nice day,


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