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Now, let's talk about one of the rarest Lima models, so rare that almost nobody is aware of it. It did not show up in any of the regular catalogues. Back in, well, I think it must have been around 2005, Piet from Trainzone in Gauteng, who sold me lots of used Lima stuff, wrote me a mail that he'd come across a kind of really rare Lima model and if Iwould be interrested to buy. I checked the pictures and could not believe my eyes, all I could see it was original. A Swiss type RBe 4/4 railcar in SAR colours. I had no idea what it actually was and I bought it.

When I received the model it hat some aftermarket alterations like passengers inside and different buffers, also the couplings were cut. Meanwhile I changed the underframe and interior (but not the glued in buffers). Just a few months ago somebody from South Africa told me parts of the history. Some time around 1976 or 77 there was a starter set sold in ZA stores, which contained this railcar along with two dutch type SAR coaches.

Some questions remain:

- what was the number of this set?
- what was the item number of the railcar itself?
- has somebody a picture of this set?
- when did it exactly show up in South Africa?
- is there a catalogue picture in one of the starter set brochures?

So, still some secrets around this model. Help is highly appreciated!


#2 South African Railcar RBe 4/4 (Swiss Type) [ENG] von Tartaruga 15.12.2014 00:40


Pictures of my own RBe 4/4 railcar in SAR colours and a picture of a dutch typ SAR coach from this startset.

#3 RE: South African Railcar RBe 4/4 (Swiss Type) [ENG] von Tartaruga 05.07.2017 00:29


- The number of the railcar itself is 8031F.
- Show up in South Africa 1976.


#4 RE: South African Railcar RBe 4/4 (Swiss Type) [ENG] von Tartaruga 19.03.2018 22:18


- The Number of the Trainset is 5612F


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