#1 Piko Italia von martin67 25.07.2015 13:52


Aside from the standard Piko range Piko Italia offers some special editions only available in Italy. Most recent model was the new Vectron E191 "Fuori Muro" in their "Expert Series". It's also the first H0 model of a DC-Vectron with pantographs placed on the inner roof position facing inwards.

Have a look at Piko Italia's internet blog, too.



#2 RE: Piko Italia von Jim Knopf 30.07.2015 23:05

I like the V 200 version from Piko Italia

Jim Knopf

#3 RE: Piko Italia von martin67 19.09.2015 14:19


My latest addition, Piko Italia 96737 E 483.103 NC, working for Nordcargo (former Ferrovie Nord Milano/FN Cargo). This model is exclusively made for the Italian market. The real one is based on the German class 186, although has DC-equipment only.


#4 RE: Piko Italia von NorbertDIN 16.04.2016 17:43


Here is a Elo, FS, era: IV.

Piko 54149

The load was not included!


Norbert DIN

#5 RE: Piko Italia von martin67 16.12.2017 13:55


Ciao tutti,

I recently added a V200.0 (220 045) "Ferrovie Padane" to my collection. Special Edition for Italy.

The paint scheme of oceanblue and cream differs from the German original.


#6 RE: Piko Italia von martin67 10.09.2019 13:26


New leaflet "Piko Highlights Italia":


(PDF on the bottom of the page)


#7 RE: Piko Italia von minesweeper 29.12.2020 01:34

This is not PIKO, but still a sister 220 from former Ferrovie Padane, the model is a ROCO DB 220, to which I replaced the body.
The color looks different though, but it could be the original was repainted since it has the new logo.

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