#1 Overhauling of a former double-decker car transport [ENG] von kokomo 31.05.2015 22:23


As I was mentioning in other thread, I once got as a Xmas present a set containing a yellow SNCF V100 loco, a cheap CIWL coach and a car transport. This is the car transport I am referring to specifically: #302681E

It seems I lost the cars while being little and somehow the wagon dropped years ago also and one corner was chipped. It looked awful, so I decided to make an overhauling and convert it to an internal service rail wagon. I removed the upper deck, painted it yellow (almost all service material I see are this color) and glued some old steel pieces of rail I had that were getting rusty.

It must have looked somewhat good, because I took it to a train exhibition with some other stuff I had refurbished and it was sold right away.

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