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#1 Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von kokomo 20.05.2015 22:39


Hi everybody!

I am a long time fan of LIMA, my grandpa gave my first set in the early 80's and since then I have an outstanding passion for this brand.

I speak several languages (unfortunately my knowledge of Italian is poor and my Deutsch is non-existant almost) and I love traveling by train whenever possible (although Argentina's trains have been practically destroyed in the past 20 years). I have just arrived from a recent trip in Italy where I have traveled from Rome to the Swiss border always by train and taking tons of photos.

I have built my very own layout although right now I'm more fond of making dioramas. As of now I'm working on my very own version of Landwasser viadukt.

I am the owner of a blog posted at the section "friends links" and my biggest goal is to make a roster compiling each and single LIMA product ever built. I have been working on this project for more than 1 year and I do hope to finish it soon. I do have most of the catalogues, but I still lack some of the 80's and many of the 90's. So if any soul wants to share it over with me I will be very grateful.


#2 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von martin67 21.05.2015 06:15


Hello Kokomo,

and welcome to this board! Owning every single product from Lima is a very ambitious project. I think it may be even more ambitious since you live in South America, where used Lima is maybe not available in big numbers.Over the past 12 years of collecting Lima I have aquired more than 1500 diiferent pieces of Lima railway equipment plus loads of accessories, and I still feel that I'm in the beginning.

Anyway, have a good time here, thanks for joining!


#3 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von kokomo 21.05.2015 17:14


Hi! Thank you

No. My idea is not to collect each and single unit produced by LIMA but to make a file containing its data. That is what I'm referring to when speaking about a roster: an excel spreadsheet where to gather all relevant data (such as item on catalog, number, livery, legend, wagon type, etc etc). Here's a print screen of a sample search of article #9102 (it's in spanish but I guess you can get the idea)

As of now, and after a whole year of processing data, I have browsed through most of LIMA catalogs since the early 60's (with some gaps between 86-89 and 94-99 mostly) and transcripted the details to this file. It is still a Work in Progress so once complete I expect to share it with all fans. That's why I'm still looking for missing catalogs!


#4 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von martin67 21.05.2015 18:40



would be nice to know your Name, just to have somebody to talk to! What you are doing is great! At a certain point you will come across hundreds of models which have never been catalogued (models for starter sets, promotional items etc.). Be Aware that from 1976 until around 1986 different catalogues were issued for different markets. For example, the French catalogue contained a totally different range of product compared to, let's say, the Italian or German catalogue. Not to mention the british range, which grew very big in the late 80's and 90's.

The huge amount of different models and variations made me start this Forum, just to get the fellow collectors a glimps of what was possible...

Keep in touch!


#5 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von kokomo 21.05.2015 18:51


Indeed! What you say about the catalogs it's true. For instance in 1977 I have the Italian, German and Japanese version, each of them with different models.
I have encountered lots of misfits around the road, especially using the same number for different models, but I have catalogued nearly 10,000 articles so far (considering the same model produced in different years) and I would like to finish the process with those catalogues I still don't have yet.

It's a difficult and challenging task, I have been embarked for 12 months so far, but I am still enthusiastic and have learnt a lot about model and real trains in the meantime.

I am open to any contribution or comments of course!!!

ps: Great photos you have in your website, although some of them are a bit tiny.

#6 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von martin67 21.05.2015 19:52


Thanks a lot for the nice words about my site! It just shows my very own collection, all models are approved and "real Lima made". My intension was to build me something to get hold of my collection and not buy things again and again. It's an overview for me. Anyway, my collection is big enough to call the site a "collector's site". I still find models I never heard of in the past 10 or 12 years of serious collecting.

You are right, over the years Lima used certain item numbers more than once, which makes it kind of complicated. Sometimes, the number of a model was unchanged, even if the model changed, examples are the dutch classes 1200 and 1300. When the colour of the model was changed from blue to grey/yellow, the number remained the same.

Anyway, it's lots of fun and Lima is maybe the most interresting model railway company in the world, maybe because it's still largely undiscovered...


#7 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von railsquid 22.05.2015 03:22


Zitat von kokomo im Beitrag #5
Indeed! What you say about the catalogs it's true. For instance in 1977 I have the Italian, German and Japanese version, each of them with different models.

Are any Japanese versions available online to download? I'd be interested to see those.

Railsquid aka Ian

#8 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von martin67 22.05.2015 06:22



yes there is one, on my website:

And the relevant pages of the 1978 issue:

Have fun...


#9 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von railsquid 22.05.2015 08:25


Vielen Dank! ありがとう!

#10 RE: Hello/Hallo/Ciao from Argentina von Jim Knopf 30.05.2015 12:13

Hello and welcome,

hope to find some of your pictures on these sites in the near future.

Kind regards from Germany
Jim Knopf

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#12 Lima Roster von kokomo 09.09.2015 21:21



I mentionjed some time back ago that I was working on a Roster project.
Finally, and after more than 15 months of work, I feel comfortable on sharing a file with you.
Please feel free to download it and take a look at it, I am more than open on receiving feedback and corrections/suggestions.

One foreword though: it's in Spanish. I guess with all those translators going online you will not find it difficult to understand the basics. I do hope to get an English version later on. But at least you can toy with it for a while.


#13 RE: Lima Roster von Musseler 12.09.2015 22:37


THX for this work!!

#14 Some translation von kokomo 16.09.2015 18:00


It's incomplete, but I wanted to translate at least the headers of the file so you can get a grasp of what's inside. I do hope to translate all the file once I got it more completed. For the time being I do hope this helps. Cheers

#15 RE: Some translation von Tartaruga 29.09.2015 22:04


Hello Kokomo

The download link dont't work. i have tested with various Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox).


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