#1 9052 Torbedo melted iron Car - A Lima Classic turns 50 von martin67 13.01.2015 19:59



it was in 1965, when Lima introduced a true classic, the 10-axle melted iron car. This was a rather detailed model which still has many friends. In 2015 this beauty turns 50!

The first version had white CAFL inscriptions

From the early 70's it carried a small CAFL logo printed in black

More Versions up to come!


#2 Lima - 9052 - A.C.F - Hornhook von Tartaruga 20.02.2015 10:43



A special version for the us market from the second half of the 60s with
hornhook couplers. he is white labeled with A.C.F. In the lima catalogs
is this version not listed.
I have short search on the web and found follow company with the name
ACF "American Car and Foundry Company".
Link to Wikipedia: American Car and Foundry Company

Lima - 9052 - A.C.F - Hornhook


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