#1 SJ T43 von mhakanpaa 09.01.2015 10:58


Diese Lok kaufte ich mir als Weihnachtsgeschenk in 1982. Sie kostete 134,90 FIM ~ 22,70 € damals. Seitdem mit Susumotor-Ersatzmotor.


#2 RE: SJ T43 von Jim Knopf 10.01.2015 13:59

nice to have
special price.....
I this moment I remeber the old Primex series by Märklin....green or maybe blue E 10 costs 56 DM = 23 Euro
1977 at famila market in Oldenburg (nothern Germany)

Jim Knopf

#3 RE: SJ T43 von Fred 16.01.2015 16:35


The SJ T43 from Lima came in at least 5 different liveries, at least 7 different roadnumbers and about (cant find anyone who knows for sure) 3 different technical Versions. It remains the earliest Model of the two Modells depicting the SJ Workhorse, and sadly the newer Jeco Version is not that much better as the vastly inflated price tag would suggest. Its still a dynamically challenged beast, a little more weight would improve performance, and the above mentioned SUSU Motor as well as common conversions with BR 290 Roco and SW9 Atlas dynamics have been plentifull. That it only came with complete skirts and, chiefly, the bumps for the G motor irritated purists, but I still think it captured the original very well.

The known liveries in short
1 SJ early T43 220 red white and blue
2 SJ not so early T43 241 (and later (2001?) with some slight improvements) as Number T43 238 orange blue
3 Banverket yellow as DLL T43 226 and than again with some modifications in livery and to couplings (NEM) as above as DLL T 43 231
4 BK Tåg blue. T43 229 (very rare, came in a Lima Box, do not know if this is a local (swedisch) Modification through the Importer)
5 TGOJ Green. T43 246 (even this is very rare)

Now, I realize it would be better with pictures, but even if I own T43s...none of them is original and I dont own the later Versions 3 to 5 as I, probably with half of Sweden sat stupidly waiting for the Jeco Model as these very pretty versions flowed through the shops, at heavily discounted prices. For those of you who now wonder what the 3rd technical version is, apart from the slight modification to the couplers, (NEM Pockets), there is supposedly even a three rail version. Never seen live by me, and hopefully, maybe someone here has one and can show it.

Kind regards

#4 RE: SJ T43 von martin67 16.01.2015 17:54


Hi Fred,

thanks for the explanation. Seems I did not care about Swedish Lima for too Long.

Something else, those Susu equipped engines look somewhat "uneven", with the Motor side sitting higher in the Frame.


#5 RE: SJ T43 von mhakanpaa 16.01.2015 18:43


Probably the motor bogie wasn't exactly in the "rails" of the showcase. Here a better photo.

#6 RE: SJ T43 von kokomo 29.05.2015 17:23


Reviewing my files, Iv'e found the following...

1) The first T43 appeared on catalogue in 1979 with the original livery and item #201627L. This article was numbered T43 220

2) Afterwards, in 1981, appeared article #201628LG which shown the red and black livery (this color combination was applied in real world after 1975 approx). Number was T43 241

3) Both items lived for a couple more years and then LIMA switched to this article for the next 15 years or so, as his choice for this series, until 1997 when item #209899L appeared. This time it was not SJ but TGOJ unit numbered 243, IIRC.

4) Y2K (2000) shown on catalogue articles #208660 (in original 1970's livery) and #208276 (in yellow livery). The latter is shown on catalogue as belonging to SJ, but that colour scheme I think was TGOJ's instead. Both items were available in AC too.

5) Finally year 2001 shown published item #208705 in yellow livery (same case as #208276).

Hope it helped!

#7 RE: SJ T43 von martin67 24.05.2020 18:23


Since the pictures on the last posting vanished, here are first two versions of this beautiful model again. The T43 was unusually well made, compared to Lima standards. It had inserted windows and separate grab rails.

20 1627LG SJ T43 220

20 1628LG SJ T43 241


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