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I have recently bought the Lima H0 20 1643L. Has anyone any information about it? Is it from the "Lima Nova" period? It is very heavy and runs fine. But as it was bought from Ebay, there are no documents about it.

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20 1643L is a Krauss Maffei ML 2200 CC (DB V300) , right? This is a model from the Nova range as it uses cardanic power transmission and a centre motor, all combined with a cast metal chassis. There are some occasional problem with these models as the gears are prone to crack on the axle. The models itself is a rather good one. You can find a really detailed overview (although in german language) on Bahnwahn:



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Thanks! Die deutsche Beschreibung ist kein Problem.

I had the problem you mentioned: one gear was cracked and I threw it away. But it works well with only three driving axles. i could have replaced the gear but I would have had to pull out the wheels which would have been a major operation.

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Hello Marco,

there is a very useful tool: https://www.fohrmann.com/modellbau-spezi...richtgerat.html
The manufacturer has more very interesting offers for model railroaders! Highly recommended!

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