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The amazing thing about collecting Lima is the huge variety of models of different countries in this world. Much more than any other manufacturer has ever offered before. It was in 1973 when Lima started to expand its lines into countries, which the "normal" railway modeller never thought of. Sure, there was Triang before... And then there was Lima. Let's think back to the political situation shortly, there was Apartheid and South Africa was almost banned from trading with Europe. For some reason Lima introduced some SAR models. It was a 5E electric loco in blue train colours and two passenger coaches (actually french Grand Comfort TEE coaches) in Blue Train colours. Lima did not only introduce, but they actually made them, over the years in many different versions.

8056 was the number of the first Blue Train 5E. Here in the dummy version for multiple unit operation, catalogue number 9650. It rode on Italian E444 bogies, not a perfect match, but in the 70's most people could live with it.

Later version with correct bogies and single arm pantographs facing to the ends. No locomotive number.

And here's what might have been the last version, introduced in the 90's, prototypical bogies and single arm patographs facing inwards. This model featured lots of printed details.

The E5 also was made in the standard colours, the first one was red, catalogue no. 8057. There was a similar dummy engine, too

In the late 70' the colour was changed to a more prototypical brown, also the yellow linig was a bit different.

When I was still kind of new in collecting Lima, there were rumours about a "Metroblitz" train set. Hardly anybody had seen this model and collectors had lots of doubts about its existance. After a while, I could find one of these trains with the help of my back then South African friend Piet. Now I know that the "Metroblitz" is not that rare and the engine was even made in two different versions, with Italian bogies and in a later batch with the prototypical ones.

Hope some South African collectors will jump on this train and join the forum.

Martin (this was already thread #100!)

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Last Saturday, 21 February 2015, I was as a guest at the First Model Railway Onely Exhibition in Milnerton, Cape Town.
There was a LIMA Blue Train with two Locos in a Display, tendered for R1250 (ca. 100 EUR);
A double Metrorail Train (two locos, 2 carriages) for R2000 (ca. EUR160);
The blue E5 with a dummy for R990 (ca. 80 EUR)
other Blue E5 from R400 to R500 (ca. 32 - 40 EUR), Dummies from R200 to R400;
Same prices for the red and the brown E5's...
The highlight was a motorcar (Swiss RBe4/4) in SAR-colours (excellent conditions incl. original box) tendered by R4000 (ca. EUR 320).
I was wondering that so much of SAR-material was on the tables!
Next time I'm prepared to buy any pieces for Export and selling in Europe...
Cheers, Battli

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Hi Battli,

not a bad idea, I once sold a Blue Train pack with diesel engine for 375€. But if you ever come across a blue E5 with white pilots and decoration, give me a note, this one's still missing in my collection an therefore not shown in this thread. Also, have an eye on odd numbered models, I know of red E341, blue E341 models, too.



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Hallo Martin!
Ich halt die Augen offen!
Cheers, Battli

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Hello Martin
I have this model, with years lost the yellow piece. I can not get on the market.

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Hi Anes,

the part number of this "piece" (front pilot) is 8056-04. Maybe you can check with Agomodel in Bologna, if they still have some of those.


After the Lima factory in Isola Vicentina was closed Agomodel bought a good amount of spare parts (Lima, Rivarossi, Jouef). Let them check for the part number, otherwise they will most likely not find it.


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Hi Martin,
New to the group but have a fine collection of Lima 5e's and class 34's including the two of the blue white 5e models.
Not sure how to get a pic up on here but will post if I can sort out how.

Kind regards

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Hallo zusammen,

ich hoffe es stört nicht wenn ich meinen Beitrag hier in deutsch verfasse?
Bei mir hat sich heute auch eine E5 der SAR hinzugesellt. Das ich eine solche Lok hier in Düsseldorf auf einer Börse mal antreffe hätte ich nicht geglaubt. Der Karton dürfte jedoch nicht der Originale sein, oder doch?

Gruss Norbert

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